Creating safe, attractive and functional public spaces for pedestrians, cyclists and traffic.

MARSON have experience in delivering specialist designs to meet the needs of modern public spaces.


/ Encouraging leisure, retail and tourism

Driving Commerce

M&E services are crucial to create design solutions that connect all areas of a town or city. Providing visual connections between main streets, interconnecting streets with boutique stores, historical and tourism attractions will boost visitor and local engagement and spend within a town or city.

Innovative design of public spaces can revitalise evening economy with an emphasis on dining areas, retail and tourism.

The thoughtful and sustainable design of public spaces will lay the foundation for a safe, easy to navigate and thriving community economy.

Public Realm

Innovative Electrical Engineering

MARSON have a wealth of experience in the design of public spaces and regularly support Landscape Architects in the design and delivery of landscapes, public parks and townscapes.

Included within the careful design of public spaces should be; public lighting schemes (both road and decorative streetscape), public wifi infrastructure and public electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

Harmonious Spaces

Safe spaces for shoppers, tourists and exercising
while respecting nature.


The design of lighting within a public space will determine how accessible and functional it is.

Smart lighting systems which include Motion-Controlled Light, Adaptive Lighting and the Collection of Environmental Data which can measure environmental or weather data are just a few examples of how Electrical Engineering can have a positive impact on the environment. 

/ Designing Public Spaces that Thrive.

Current Projects


MARSON have worked on a wide range of Public Realm projects across Ireland.
One ongoing project is the Portlaoise Town Centre regeneration.

Mechanical Electrical Engineers


Providing new roadway and carpark lighting. Amenity lighting through laneways and interconnecting streets.


Infrastructure upgrades to enable a new smart town control system.


Wi-fi hotspots.

Enhanced Tourism

Tourism information interactive screens.

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