MARSON have extensive experience in the design and delivery of various forms of laboratory and cleanroom.

Laboratory Mechanical and Electrical design range from aseptic pharmacy compounding facilities, microbiology facilities, blood facilities and biochemistry facilities.

MARSON Cleanroom Mechanical Electrical Engineers


Contamination Control

The development of a cleanroom environment is underpinned by understanding, ‘the space is a system’. A system which is impacted by three key elements. Firstly the engineering controls, then the people awareness, behaviour and gowning controls. Lastly, the ongoing cleaning and decontamination measures. 

At Marson our highly specialised consulting engineers undertake a clear Cleanroom Contamination Control Strategy. This strategy is to establish control and then demonstrate control. 

Project Lifecycle Relationships

The critical relationships required to create a controlled environment.

Establishing a cleanroom is achieved when there is successful relationships between the three key stakeholders in the project design and delivery. These are; the user, designer and building contractor. The role of the Mechanical & Electrical engineering design teams is to manage these critical relationships and processes. The M&E engineers are the crucial link which ensures each stakeholder fulfills their requirements to create the clean controlled environment.

Our wealth of experience in Cleanroom Mechanical & Electrical Engineering means we can stress test the User Requirements Specification. Doing this ensures it is robust enough to meet the engineering needs and ensure full compliance with the User Requirement Specification.

The role of the MARSON Consulting Engineers is to safeguard the Cleanroom Regulatory Requirements and User Requirements Specifications in relation to the engineering design.

We have an in-depth understanding of the right processes and often missing processes that will put a cleanroom lifecycle and controlled environment at risk. 


Commissioning, Qualification
and Validation.


At MARSON Consulting Engineers, we have a deep understanding of the CQV process. Therefore, we are in a position to support the CQV person appointed to the project. We assist the client and end user to bring the project to a successful conclusion.

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Current Projects


MARSON have worked on a wide range of hospital and healthcare projects across Ireland and the UK.
Our extensive experience with M&E engineering projects spans 25 years. Below are a sample of current projects in progress.

MARSON Cleanroom Mechanical Electrical Engineers

Biochemistry Lab

Delivering a new biochemistry lab facility in the west of Ireland.

Aseptic Pharmacy Compounding Facilities

Currently working with one of our private healthcare clients on the delivery of their new aseptic pharmacy compounding facilities.

Blood Laboratory

Designing of a new blood Laboratory for one of our clients.

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